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Jim Schoenike – About the Artist

Trail camera photographer, Jim Schoenike of Mequon, WI is an avid outdoorsman who began working with trail cameras over 10 years ago. Jim has developed an exceptional skill for capturing unique images of wildlife in their natural habitat.  When he discovered this new scouting tool, he embraced the trail camera phenomenon and incorporated it into his routine.  He relished capturing scenes in nature seldom witnessed by humans. Trail cameras allow him to spend time in the woods, without actually being there.

Trail Cameras or Trail “Cams” have been growing in popularity and were initially intended as scouting tools for outdoorsmen, researchers, and hunters.  Jim has taken this technology to a new level.  “Trail cams are quiet sentinels in the wild of nature, capturing images of wildlife without a human presence.  Strategies vary, but there are key components to success.”

Trail camera photography has become increasingly popular, but few have honed their skills into a craft that results in beautiful art.  Big Oak Products was established to provide products that utilize trail camera photos of Wisconsin wildlife.  

“Through trial and error, Schoenike developed advanced trail cam tactics and has accumulated an extensive library of stunning wildlife images.”
Paul Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“I have been able to capture Wisconsin wildlife images that are seldom seen by humans.  My advantage is the content of my work.  We believe that Big Oak Products is the first commercial enterprise to capitalize on this new art form.”


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