Trail Cam Wildlife Note Cards


$9.99 per 10 note cards.

$19.00 per 20 note cards.

$22.00 per 20 note card VARIETY PACK.
(2 Redtailed Hawk, 2 Bambi, 2 Clover Pose, 2 Woodchuck, 4 Winter Majesty, 4 Winter Wonderland, 2 Bobcat, 2 Edgy Turkey)
$2.00 shipping and handling on all Note Card items.
U.S. delivery only
(Check-out note: Shay Jay, LLC will appear on your credit card)

Cats and dogs are sweet, but how about a note to a friend on a card featuring a unique picture of bobcat or turkey? These unusual shots printed on high-quality 4 ¼” 5 ½ “(folded) card stock could even make a ground hog look cute! Nice gift for the animal lover you know. Includes envelopes.

“Jim has captured Wisconsin wildlife in action! My entire family enjoys his calendars, note cards and shirts.”
Ric, New Berlin, WI

Take a look at some of the images available!

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