Outdoor Wisconsin Appearance

What a great time on Outdoor Wisconsin! Enjoy the episode right here – especially Jim’s appearance in the first 10 minutes.

Jim provides Dan with expert guidance on trail camera set-up and maximizing this technology for better wildlife photography.

About Outdoor Wisconsin

dan small 1Trail cam1The goal of Outdoor Wisconsin is to help viewers understand and respect the natural resources on which our many forms of outdoor recreation depend. By traveling across the state of Wisconsin, the program introduces newcomers to a variety of outdoor activities and provides seasoned outdoor enthusiasts with a vicarious experience when they can’t be there themselves.

Outdoor Wisconsin takes viewers to all parts of the state in all four seasons in an effort to help them understand, respect, and appreciate our natural resources. Segments include hunting, fishing, camping, biking, conservation, wildlife observation, and safety. The cast of the series includes host Dan Small, Tom Newbauer, Debby Wolniak, and Judy Nugent.

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